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Married by Mistake


Married by Mistake By Abby Gaines 2★

I got this kindle eBook back in August of 2012 from Amazon. The story line intrigues me. I think that this book is barely a 3 star book. It’s a good fluff chick lit book. A good beginning and ending. I felt that the interaction between the two characters (when there was one), was pretty good.

Casey Green is a bit of a push over, but she does grow out of that just a little. Her ideal of marriage is ridiculous I think. When Casey marries someone to help her get away from her family (that drags her down and treats her like a doorstep) shows that she has no backbone and can’t do things on her own. Also warning bells should have been going through Casey’s head about, Joe Elliott – her fiancee of 7 years. But wait. Her best friend encouraged her to go on the show. Pushover. Adam James Carmichael came up with the idea for Casey and him to get married. Pushover.

But like I said. Casey does grow a small backbone at the end of this book. Just not sure if I’ll read any more by the author.


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