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A Cat Was Involved


A Cat was Involved by Spencer Quinn 5★♥♥
(Chet and Bernie Mystery eShort Story: Book 1)

Loved this. I don’t often read mystery books. Really hardly ever. But this series is one of the few exceptions.

Really loved Chet (the dog). As for the title, “A Cat Was Involved”… Well being that cats are the dogs nemesis (at least with the dogs I’ve owned), I expected there to be trouble and my expectations were spot on. Chet is an average big black mutt dog. He has a sharp intellect (for a dog) and loves eating people food (Crullers and beef jerky are his favorites). And he would’ve passed the K-9 training if it weren’t for that cat.

This was just a short little novella taste. I enjoyed the character development for Chet. And I expect that there will be more development for Bernie in the novels of this series. This was a good novella opening to the Chet and Bernie Mysteries. I am looking forward to reading this series.

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