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Bridget Jones


Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding

Helen Fielding is an excellent comedic in this Bridget series. The first portion of the book Bridget had me laughing right at the start. Her New Years resolution was long with will not and wills. But there were some resolutions that I could even relate to.

The English slang words were both cute and funny. There’s also Jone’s abbreviations (i.e.: v. and v.g. = very and very good) that even I found myself using for a little while.

Her love triangle with her boss Daniel Cleaver (all bad boy) and lawyer Mark Darcy (good guy) is really romantic. Daniel is the guy that she resolved not to obsess about as he is an alcoholic, workaholic, commitment phobic, chauvinist and emotional f-wits (all things she also resolved not to fall for). Mark is the good guy who finishes last. Yes, he was already taken (the woman was a crazy needy woman who didn’t love him). Yes, he couldn’t make decision or stand up for himself (the clothes he wore were his mother’s choices). But after a while I could tell that she should pick the lawyer over the cheat.

This is a good Brit-lit series (2 1/2 books). Bridget is a little over the top at times, but that’s what makes the character so funny.


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