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Hunger Games


The Hunger Games (HG, Book 1) by Suzanne Collins 5 stars★ and a favorite♥


Review for October 2014:
Reread on kindle (5★♥) w/ audio (4★).
(Kindle Trilogy edition &
Overdrive library audiobook read by Carolyn McCormick)

The book: 5★♥
I had first read this series in the summer of 2012. And then reread it right away because I loved it so much. Loved the suspense and the emotions from it. And then I watched and rewatched the movies. The first time seeing it, I felt was good but took away some of that raw emotion and deep character development.

I’ve recently reread The Hunger Games and it still grabbed me. This time I was read it along with the audiobook read by Carolyn McCormick. She did just ok. I still love the book and give that 5 stars. But the audiobook didn’t capture it enough for me, so 4 stars.

I am still pulled along with Katniss Everdeen throughout the story. I enjoyed the first person narrative (and in fact because hungry or thirsty myself whenever Katniss did). She is a great example of a reluctant hero (or this case heroine). Even at the end, she still doesn’t want to be the Victor, and not for a rebellious reason too.
Still love Prim and Rue and (spoiler) this time I even got teary-eyed because I know what’s to come.(/end spoiler).

The audiobook: 4★
I really didn’t like Carolyn McCormick’s voice for Prim and Rue and sometimes the other characters. And I really, truly didn’t like her “singing” voice, if you can call it that. I did think Carolyn’s accent was spot-on for the Capitol characters. Especially loved her voice for Effie. And then I found myself reading ahead of the audiobook a few times. Maybe because the book just has me gripped or because McCormick just talked a little too slow at some of the climatic parts.
I will be given her a second chance though for Catching Fire… (bought the iTunes audio last year for about $3).

Review from 2012:
Like this series a lot. Great suspense. Own the hardcover series. Am currently reading the books on Prime on my Kindle Fire classic.

This series is gripping and well written. The book has more depth than the movie and I’m glad I read this before seeing the movie. The series as a whole is well set. As a fellow veteran, I can see how Katniss dislikes these horrible killings for pleasure. And she is right – killing a human is different than hunting for animals. We are meat eaters but we’re not cold blooded killers by nature. We are not emotionally built that way.

Currently borrowing ebook from Amazon as a Prime member. Find it is easier to make notes and look up words with kindle edition.
Second time reading this book. First time was beginning of summer of 2012. Bought the hardcover set.

I can see the connections Collins makes with ‘the games’ vs. the Roman’s gladiator games. As a society we haven’t changed much. We have reality shows like “The Amazing Race,” “Wipeout,'” and for the romatics there’s “The Bachelor.” These reality shows are for our “enjoyment.”

But what’s next?



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