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Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey


Favorite Austen. A great satire to Gothic Romance.

“Northanger Abbey” does make a mockery of Gothic Romance. But Jane Austen shows that you can be passionate towards fiction literature without making fiction reality. The heroine, Catherine, learns that not everything in reality has a Gothic fiction story. That fiction is just that.

Catherine Morland (17) goes to Bath with friends. She then meets Henry Tilney, whom invites her to his family’s home – Northanger Abbey. Catherine expected a Gothic Abbey to match with the novels she reads (mainly Ann Radcliffe the creator of Gothic Romance). The comedy is that the Abbey, Henry and the Tilney’s are just the opposite. They are wealthy “English Christians.”

There are other subtext to parody of social marriages and manners. Jane Austen’s books all have this comedic point if view.

I would recommend this novel.


The Movie: Stars JJ Feild, who I love.



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