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Queen of Babble Gets Hitched (Finally!)


Read 2011 and December 2013.
Queen of Babble Gets Hitched (2008) by Meg Cabot (Queen of Babble: Book 3) (reread) 4.5★♥

This book is the finale of the Queen of Babble series. I like this book the most. I was sad that the series is over. This series is a good chick lit book by Meg Cabot. It’s a little bit like a cleaner Bridget Jones chick romance. I have reread this series numerous times. But QoB Gets Hitched is my favorite and the most reread book of the series.

Lizzie Nichols is a young woman who is gradually becoming the person she wants to be. She likes vintage clothing, like the Alex Coleman sundress she was wearing when she first met Luke – who called it retro! She also is completing her History of Fashion major. She’s talkative like Bridget Jones, but isn’t a smoker or lush. In fact she frowns upon clients of hers that chew gum while they are talking. Lizzie also has a bad (but turns out good) habit of not being able to keep her mouth shut. That means she has difficulties in keeping secrets and talks without thinking first. I like Lizzie. She acts very insecure in the third book though.

The first time I read Queen of Babble (book 1), I thought Lizzie and Luke would live HEA. But after rereading the first book of the series (Queen of Babble), I found Luke (Jean-Luc de Villers) to be less likeable. The first book, Luke is engaged to another woman when he and Lizzie meet. By the second book, Luke is switching career choices – investment banker to medical school. Also, when they first met, I wasn’t all too impressed by him. He just kind of grew on me. Like a lost puppy dog, with commitment issues. lol. He may be an actual prince (but the royalty non existing in Paris), but he just seemed too perfect. More of a mirage.

I love Chaz (Charles Pendergast the Third). I love the things he says in the third book. Swoon worthy. Throughout the entire series, Chaz is the opposite of Luke. His family is rich like Luke’s. But he doesn’t live like a rich man. He hardly wears designer or expensive clothes. His apartment is in a crime infested neighborhood, unlike Luke who lives in his mom’s 5th Avenue apartment (without his mom there). Chaz even has a 5 o’clock beard compared to Luke’s clean cut look.

Every time I reread this book, I fall in love with Chaz all over again. A cute chick lit series where the character actually has some growth and change. She’s not stuck in a rut or having people walk over her. Oh and I love Lizzie’s grandma. A little unrealistic but lovable and funny.


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