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Take a Chance on Me

Read and Reviewed this in June 2012 (Amazon Review / Goodreads review).

Take a Chance on Me by Jill Mansell

take a chance on me Jill Mansell

4 out 5 stars ★ and a favorite ♥

This is my favorite Jill Mansell book. This book was a first author read for me. I like Mansell’s writing so I’m trying out her other works.

This is “Brit-Lit” fiction. It also has Mansell’s usual with 5+ character point of views. It is a little too much at times mostly because I wanted to know more about Cleo and Johnny. I loved their romance. I also wish that Johnny was more in the story. I still liked how well Jill is able to build these characters up so that they’re likeable.

Take a Chance On Me - Jill Mansell

There is quite a bit of British humor that I really liked. I liked how Cleo (limo driver job) drove a has-been Australian Soup Star to all his locations while he was in town. The description of the little town of Channing Hill sounds like an ideal vacation place. I also liked the karma that befell on William Newman. I even disliked his name. A very posh Mamma’s boy.

My Thoughts of this book now:

I’ve reread this book  one other time. The storyline is still great and the characters are all likeable. Jill Mansell is a British author so a lot of her books are being Revamped here in the U.S. Because of these revamps it’s been a little hard finding books that are really new rather than re-published. I’ve now been using Wikipedia for the author’s list of books. She’s written 27 books according to Wikipedia (Goodreads has 30+ Books including box sets and combinations). Including this book, I’ve now read 3 books (Millie’s Flingreview, and To The Moon and Backreview).


“Sometimes dreams trick you into believing they’re real. And then there are other times when, completely out of the blue, life suddenly becomes surreal that you wonder if perhaps you’re dreaming after all.”
Jill Mansell, Take a Chance on Me


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