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Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing


1988 and 2013 read.
Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing (1972) by Judy Blume 5★
Audio Book read by Judy Blume. 5★♥

I read another classic children’s book here. Another book that starts off with an older sibling that has a much younger annoying sibling. That annoying sibling is non other than Fudge. Peter Warren Hatcher is 9 years old and in fourth grade. He is the oldest and he doesn’t like his 3 year old younger brother. He tells us that at the beginning of the story. Fudge, a poorly fitted nickname for Farley in Peter’s opinion, turned 3 years old in this book. Through Peter’s point of view, we first meet the Hatchet family. And their neighbors and friends. I think it’s best to read this book first in the series because other main characters in this series refers to the people from this book.

I chose to listen to this book because I did read this when I was much younger. And I’m a older sibling so I completely related to a lot of Peter’s woos. This audio was read by Judy Blume, which I thought was a treat. She read this book really well. The acting during the kid’s tantrums was hilarious. The audio was short but well read. I am quite glad that I listened to Judy’s book. I loved it.

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