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The Italian by Ann Radcliffe


The Italian by Ann Radcliffe 5★♥

July 1996.

Love this book. Radcliffe is the best of Gothic Romance. Ann Radcliffe started gothic romance. It was thought that her death was caused from her ghosts’ in her stories that made her mad. Other author’s have praised her in their own stoties. Alexander Dumas quotes her work in his book – ‘The Man in the Iron Mask’ pg. 163. Jane Austen refers to her time and again in ‘Northanger Abby’ like Radcliffe was a goddess. Edgar E. Poe was said to have found her works inspiring.

That said, this is my first (and so far only) book that I’ve read by Radcliffe. I found the writing to be haunting and spellbinding. It’s a long story, but it was beautiful. The romance was shown perfectly. And the Gothic themes was just enough. No overkill horrors like zombies and other sci-fi gore.

Radcliffe is so far my favorite all time Gothic Romance writer.

I’ve recommended time and again.

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