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The Longest Ride

17407748The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks 5★♥ Read in February 2015
(library audio read by Ron McLarty and January LaVoy 5★) (kindle own 4.5★)

I absolutely loved Luke!!!! He’s a professional bull rider and pure cowboy. And yes I am looking forward to seeing the movie. Clint Eastwood’s son, Scott is casted as Luke. I did end up envisioning Scott Eastwood while I listened/ read this book (doing what’s called immersion reading with both a library audio and my kindle edition book). The audio is great. There is no doubt that the audio is winner for Audie Award, Romance 2014, and IMO it didn’t have much competition.

Like the other book of Spark’s that I read (The Lucky One), and the movies I’ve seen, The Longest Ride is a tear-jerker. I loved all three characters in this – Ira, Sophia and especially Luke! The audio has January LaVoy reading for Luke and I ended up not liking it so much. And so I read through Luke’s chapters without the audio at times. But Ron McLarty did an excellent job reading the chapters for Ira. Some of the chapters were long so just listening to the audio was enough for me. His love story was the one that was the tear-jerker. The old man’s life story and a lifelong relationship with a great woman is really sweet. And we know she’s gone by Ira’s current timeline in the story because she’s an angel sent to help him survive (not much of a spoiler there).

There is a little timeline confusion in this story. Ira’s story starts off on a Saturday in early February. His timeline doesn’t change beyond him remembering about his past and about the love of his life, Ruth. And the chapters always start and end with Ira in early February.
Sophia and Luke’s story starts off in mid October – more than 4 months before Ira’s story timeline. And if it weren’t for the audiobook I would’ve forgotten about that at times. The audiobook has a piano melody played in the background in between Sophia/ Luke’s story with Ira’s so I was able to remember there was a shift there.

This story has left me with a book-hangover. I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to seeing the movie come April. Love the trailer!!!! (And Scott Eastwood).


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6 thoughts on “The Longest Ride

  1. Hi, i appreciate your blog very much and specially your post on The Longest Ride. I have not yet read the book but i have watched the movie twice. I am not particularly fond of reading but when i have discovered Nicholas Sparks, i have become a huge fan of his novels! I have only read The Best of Me, A Walk to Remember and Safe Haven but i look forward to read the others. Yet, i really appreciate the romantic atmosphere in which the reader can be while reading his novels. Inspired by Nicholas Sparks and Leonid Afremov (contemporary artist), I have actually started a blog where i have merged paintings and love stories together. I hope you can take a look at it and share your opinions. Wish you the best for the continuation of your blog 🙂


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