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The Lucky One

The_Lucky_One_PosterThe Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks 5★♥ Read 2012

Sparks’ “Lucky One” is the first of his books I’ve read. It was actually pretty good, with some typical Sparks tearjurking. But a happy ending non the less. Love story of a Marine looking for the woman in the good luck photo – Elizabeth. Then there’s her story and her spoiled childish ex-husband Keith.

Logan Thibault is just out of the U.S. Marine Corp. He wants to find the woman in the photo he found in the Middle East during his deployment. He WALKS with his trusty dog Zues in search of the girl in this photo. He WALKS from Colorado to Hampton, North Carolina. A WALK of 1481.45 miles. Now this would be probable if he hitched rides also, but there’s no mention of this. I was picturing Forest Gump during this topic in the book. Other than that unrealistic stuff, Logan and his dog are great. They’re both heroes and loveable guys.

Elizabeth “Beth” Green is a strong single mother taking care of not just her son, Ben, and her Nana, but also training dogs at their home/ business. The “lucky” photo belonged to her brother – marine died in Iraq (where Logan found the photo). So her disbelief and suspicion of Logan’s motives is understandable.

Keith Clayton is a spoiled childish guy. He’s a deputy, Dad’s the sheriff and grandad’s a judge. Keith uses his families connections in order to get what he wants – his ex-wife Beth. He also thinks that he is above the law – takes pervy pictures of travelers and gives threats to any guy Beth tries to date.

The end was a little confusing. It was still quite good. It has closure. I didn’t agree with the drastic way the “bad guy” Keith was handled. I really liked the dog being the great hero.

I was bummed that the movie didn’t have much of the dog like the book did. The book and movie was still a pretty good story.
I liked the movie and have watched that a few times now.

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