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Witches of East End

Witches of East End by Melissa de la Cruz 5 stars ★ and a favorite ♥


I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed this book. I don’t often read paranormal fiction. Witches of East End has it’s paranormal – from witches to vampires, zombies, gods and goddesses. But this has a good plot. Really well written with some mystery to it.

The beginning was a little slow to start, but the short chapters I think helped pick up the pace. It was nice to have each chapter from a different point of view of the Beauchamp women (Joanna, Ingrid and Freya). I liked how this had more than just a plot of a family of witches who have been banned from using witch craft. This was very sexual but not stepping into erotica and I liked that.

The three Beauchamp women are all immortal witches. Their background was both mysterious and intriguing. They have lived back before the Salem Witch Trial Days, so they have a long life-story to tell and I wanted to hear more about their past. Throughout the book, Melissa de la Cruz gives little hints of the three women’s past and I think it was good that there was a mystery to who they were. Each witch has a special “talent” (as they liked to say). It’s hard to pin point who my favorite character was because I liked them all. My favorite male character would of course be Killian Gardiner though. Loved him the most.

I felt the ending was a bit rushed. It was good. And Melissa did a good job in quickly explaining some myths and such. The Epilogue chapter wasn’t much of an “epilogue” but more a sneak peak to the next book in the series. I had already decided that I’ll be reading the series, so I thought that sneak peak to book 2 was nice.

A note about the Lifetime show: It’s so far a good show that I’m addicted to. The show has changed up a few things but I like it none the less.


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