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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J. K. Rowling 4.5★♥ (reread numerous times. Last read in 2013. But am thinking of rereading again soon after I clear more books from my TBR list).

♦♦Some Spoilers♦♦

I have been rereading this series.

This took me longer to read then the previous books. This is just as much action as the 7th book is. There is some bits where Harry is teaching the D.A. group (his friends and others) how to fight magically. And the duels and chase scene are great suspenseful action.

I love this storyline and Rowling’s Magic fantasy world. Order of the Phoenix, I think, is Rowing’s most complex book. She tries (sometimes too much) to show that Harry is no longer a kid. There is a lot of character coming of age development here. She gives some good hints and a lot of foreshadow to what’s to come in the next books. But I think that they’re only noticeable after rereading the series.

“Indifference and neglect often do much more damage than outright dislike. . . ” – Dumbledore

The theme of the series is always Harry and Voldermort’s connection. But this book changes pace from that. The quote of Dumbledore’s says it all about Order of the Phoenix theme. Rowling shows that there are other evils in Harry’s world then just Voldermort. The main villain is Dolores Umbridge, in which i really loath because Harry does too. I see upon rereading this that there are other villains too. The main villain is ignorance, because that’s exactly what Voldermort uses to keep his existence a secret. I liked that.

So like I said, this book took me longer to read. So to help me get as close to the June deadline as I could, I listened to the Jim Dale audio book while reading this. Of course, sa soon as I got to the last four chapters, I no longer needed to listen and read at the same time. So it was just the middle that was a bit long in my opinion.

And the comparison between the book to movie is just like comparing apples to oranges. Like it would’ve been nice to see the Weasley Swamp monument or Peeves chasing Umbridge out of Hogwarts (the way it’s described in the book is quite funny).

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