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Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility

Sense-and-SensibilitySense and Sensibility by Jane Austen 5★♥ read in 2014

Published in 1811 but still a book that can be enjoyed and related to today’s generations. A widowed mother taking care of three daughters. Being evicted from their home and moves into a relative’s home. The daughters all taught that they don’t have to marry into money or their social class. They’re also encouraged to be well educated in all subjects.

Now in the early 1800’s, women were not allowed to own property. They didn’t have civil rights that we do now. So when Henry Dashwood dies, the successor of all of Henry’s property is John Dashwood (son by Henry’s first marriage). Henry’s second wife, Mrs. Dashwood (40 y.o.), is forced to find another place for herself and her 3 daughters. John Dashwood is a man who allows his wife to manipulate him. He wants to do right and follow his father’s dying wish, but the spoiled wife convinces him otherwise.

The title “Sense and Sensibility” was not Austen’s original decision. None the less, the title is an example way English teachers want for comparison and contrast essays. The usage of the two terms are also fitting. In this case, sense refers to Elinor Dashwood. She is the eldest daughter and 19 years old. Elinor is reasonable and reserved toward her feelings. Romanticism is apart of the definition of sensibility. Marianne (the 16 y.o. middle daughter) and Mrs. Dashwood both where their hearts on their sleeves. They rely on their emotions for all the decisions they makes. The youngest daughter, Margaret Dashwood (13), is also romantic but is still young.

Mrs. Ferrars, Fanny Dasholwood, and Robert Ferrars believe in social class and high status of wealth. None of them have job or money income. They live off their inheritance and marriage dowries. I was very pleased with Edward Ferrars’ decision.

And the Movies…

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