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Trading Christmas

Trading Christmasx-inset-communityTrading Christmas a.k.a Home for the Holidays by Debbie Macomber 5★♥

“Trading Christmas” (or “When Christmas Comes”) and “The Forgetful Bride” are charming Christmas stories. I haven’t read that many Macomber books, but the ones I’ve read I have found to be just the ticket for quick romance reads.

“Trading Christmas”

Emily Springer, widow with daughter off at college (who I felt rightfully enjoying her life and making her own adventures). She lives in Washington at a little town with exaggerating love for Christmas. But she’s not happy being alone for the holidays. So she swaps houses.

Charles Brewster, professor at Boston with a book deadline. Wants privacy and a anti-Christmas town to stay at (dumped by wife on Christmas). Why a history professor would confuse the two Leavenworth towns I don’t know.

Then you’ve got Faith Kerrigan (Em’s friend) and Ray Brewster (Charles’ bro), as well as Emily’s 21 year old daughter, Heather and her love life. All this together makes three good love stories in one.

The character development was good. I liked all of them, although Emily came off a little annoying sometimes.

Then… You’ve got “The Forgetful Bride” which is also cute but predictable. It was a very quick read and enjoyable.

I read these after seeing the Hallmark movie, (Trading Christmas), staring Tom Cavanagh (The Capture of the Green River Killer and Ed).

I really enjoyed the movie as well as the book.



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