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Miracle on 34th Street


Miracle on 34th Street by Valentine Davies 5★♥♥♥ read in December 2013

This may be my favorite Christmas book. I love the original movie and watch it every year. I was not aware that Davies wrote this little story first. And it was published and released at the same time the first movie was released. The first movie in June of 1947 was black and white. The colored movie was major released in Fall of 1947. The book, with 3 months of being edited, published, etc, was release in June. My family and I didn’t know about it’s history. Even my grandpa doesn’t recall that (but due to the fact of being to busy working than reading and watching movies at that time).

Being that I know the movie nearly by heart, reading the book was very fun. It is written more in 3rd person and has less dialogue content than I expected. But being that I know the story so well, imagining how the character’s dialogue and such was good. Valentine Davies’ story is a very nice feel-good one that reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas – miracles, faith and joy without the commercialism.

The movie stays close to true to Davies’ book. There is a couple editions that aren’t found in the movie. And just that added bit of detail is interesting. This is more heartwarming than the movie I think. And I’m almost tempted to reading it again straight away. I didn’t want it to end.

“Robert Giroux [(book’s editor)] wrote to Davies after first reading the story: “We editors simply think that this is the best Christmas story since Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.””

The Movies… both good in their own way…

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