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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Harry_Potter_and_the_Deathly_Hallows_(US_cover)Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J. K. Rowling 5★♥♥♥ Review: September 2014

Reread on kindle w/ iTunes audio. Own all the hard/ paperback books and audio on iTunes, borrowed it on kindle this time around for the tenth or something reread.

Jim Dale seems to be the only person I can tolerate to listen to in regards to adults attempting to speak like a child or teenager. They either get the tone wrong, or something in a way that I wouldn’t have done if I had just read it myself. The case of Jim Dale and the Harry Potter books, most of the time he’s spot on to what I would’ve imagined the characters sounding like.

I am a Harry Potter fan. Go Gryffindor. But I didn’t become a fan until 2003. My youngest sister was a fan first and I just thought it was for young kids. Nope. I ended up buying a European edition of the 4th book from a grown man who was in the Marines (I was in the Navy). It’s just one of those under-dog storylines that captivated a lot of people on my ship in my Navy days. So I was never embarrassed to be seen reading the books in public.

And watching the movies as well as reading them have been a family thing. My younger cousins are now reading and watching the movies. And in the near future, my sister told my 4 year old niece that maybe I’ll read them to her.

So I think I’ve become more accustomed to watching the movies as of late. Rereading the Deathly Hallows, I’ve found that I have forgotten about some parts. Mostly little things. And this book will always be my most favorite of the series. It really shows the strength of all the characters. Even Mrs. Wesley. I really loved the part with her and Belatrix fighting it out. And the fact that Harry was not the only one that killed off the Horcrux pieces. Let alone fought against Voldermort. And there is certainly a lot more symbolism in this book than the others I think.

And yes there is a lot of fantasy in this. The fact that these people are all wizards speaks that. And though I might think (along with a lot of other of my family and friends), that this book is both universal and ageless, it’s still a Young Adult book. But it’s still my favorite.

The Movie, not sure if this was the first time the film makers split 1 book into 2 movies. But Harry Potter has made it popular in this century IMHO.

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