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Night Watch


Night Watch (Russian: Ночной дозор, Nochnoy Dozor) by Sergei Lukyanenko 5★♥
(World of Watches: book 1 of 5)

1998 Russian Science Fiction/ Fantasy book translated to English. Anton Gorodetsky is a Light One Magician and a “Watchman” (supernatural’s police force) of the Night Watch. His first person point of view was good. There is a past tense tone but I felt that didn’t take away the suspense. The story of good vs bad of the Others, and Anton worrying about Destiny and his love Svetlana Nazarova. And as all science fiction books have, this book deals with a lot of politics.

I’ve seen both the movies (Night and Day Watch). It’s been a while so some of it I have forgotten. But what I did remember helped visualize what the “Twilight” (the in-between world of supernatural and humans). I’ll be watching the movies again soon when I’ve read the other 5 books.

This books was also added as my favorite and a recommendation.

The Movies: my favorites in this genre also

Night_Watch_(2004_film)_theatrical_poster Day_Watch_theatrical_poster

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