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The Boy Who Sleeps in My Bedroom


The Boy Who Sneaks in my Bedroom Window by Kirsty Moseley 0.1★

Worst book ever. Violent and sexually abusive father never is arrested. Like author is telling Teens that the only way to handle a person like that isn’t by telling police. No – the heroine has to resort to blackmailing father that molested her.

The sex scenes are quite vivid. But I suppose you have to when encouraging safe sex. Which doesn’t happen here. Girl gets pregnant – and miscarries the next day. (Red flag for hospitals if girl comes to them the very next day beat up and miscarrying after fainting spell day before.)

The writing is choppy. Character point of view is as well. Some of the character development is good. But others seemed like after thoughts. Ending was very rushed through. Author wanted to tell (not show) these kids life story – from kids to adulthood.

Just a very bad role model book. Only positive was the girl and boy lifelong relationship.


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