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Girl Before a Mirror

18964920Girl Before a Mirror by Liza Palmer 5★♥ Read/ Reviewed on September 23, 2015.

(The Short Synopsis: New York Ad executive, Anna Wyatt, thinks she’s found the best Ad campaign with the help of Romance books. Goes to Arizona for a Romance Books Convention. Anna meets a gorgeous mystery man. But Anna must deal with her Boss’s kids trying to take her campaign. And chaos with family. And just trying to be herself.)

This book was “real” in a way that made me wish for that life. And even use the Moto, “Be the Heroine, Find Your Hero.”

I really liked the main character, Anna Wyatt. And absolutely loved Lincoln Mallory!!!!! (Along with all the other Romance Book Cover Models at the Romance Convention in this story). The other characters were good too, even hated the villains as I should.

Everything felt “real” in a way that didn’t make this a formulaic romance, in fact, the characters even made fun of those books, which I found funny.

Anna is in Advertising, and as part of her pitch, she uses a Romance Books Convention… even though she felt really guilty at first in just reading a self-help book written by a Romance Novelist, called “Be the Heroine, Find Your Hero.” I bring that plot of the story up because I thought that was good and original.

I felt that the ending stayed true to the story and didn’t feel rushed, like all other typical romance books. I really liked the ending. It was messy and unplanned.

This is my second Liza Palmer book I’ve read and I really liked her humor in this book. Looking forward to reading others. And even rereading this book some time.

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