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In Your Dreams

20579292In Your Dreams (The Blue Heron, Book 4) by Kristan Higgins 4★ Read in Nov 2014.

(The Short Synopsis: Em needs the perfect date for her ex-fiance’s marriage, who she still hasn’t gotten over. Town’s new hero, Jack, is trying to avoid all the new attention he’s been given. Jack agrees to be Em’s pretend boyfriend so that Em can prove to everyone that she’s over her ex.)

I still like the first book in the Blue Heron series the most. In Your Dreams is better than the 2nd book. And I don’t know if I want to give the 3rd one another try (a did-not-finish). Might give the 5th book a go.

I didn’t like the discussions told between the women (mostly with the Holland family). Too much personal information that was told between them. Way too much TMI. It was only a little funny in the first book. But now it seems that every Holland sister talks this way – not just Prudence (Pru). So far there isn’t that many scenes with the sisters and their weird discussion topics for the fourth book

And I do like Emmaline, so that has helped. And Jack is a great guy. There is some flashbacks to the couple’s past and their relationships with their exes. I didn’t feel the full length chapter flashback of the start to finish of their exes tales necessary (even skipped some of it without missing anything). But this is still better than the second book in the series. Maybe as good as the first.

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