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North and South

{97778221-D320-447B-A485-98707FDF57C4}Img100North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell 4.5★♥ Read January 2015 (and still rereading parts of it).

I got the ebook for free on my kindle when I first got it 3 years ago. So it’s been on my tbr list forever. It’s a good story and similar to Pride and Prejudice. This case being prejudices of social environments vs the North and South of England in the 19th century. Farm-life vs Mill Factories. And I think it’s more realistic than Jane Austen, for while Jane uses society as a parody, Elizabeth uses it in a realistic way. And it’s interesting to have both the heroine and heroes points-of-view (while still in 3rd person). Really loved John Thornton!!


I saw the BBC Film with Richard Armitage and loved it! It’s what hooked me to wanting to read the book.



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