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The Matchmaker stories

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The Matchmaker series by Elise Sax

The series is a 4 book series… with what I really hope for more books to come, but I don’t know. Gladie Burger reminded me of Stephanie Plum. Well, all right, the Stephanie Plum that Katherine Heigl played. Except, Gladie is a Californian. And I like Elise’s humor more than Janet Evanovich’s.

The first three books was released at a pretty good rate. And then I had to wait, and then wait again for the fourth book. So if there ever is going to be more of Gladie Burger and her gifts of catching the murder and love matchmaking, well I know there will be a wait. So I’ll read some of Elise’s other works in the mean time.

An Affair to Dismember by Elise Sax 4.5★♥

Stephanie Plum in Southern California (haven’t read the Plum books but saw the movie).  The mystery seemed more a back-story.  And what was to take place in just a matter of a week seemed a lot longer.  More like a month with chaos and trouble happening everywhere Gladie turned.

I liked the interaction between Gladie and Spencer. The “mysterious” Holden hasn’t impressed me.

Small SPOILER And even if this took place in under a week, it seemed weird that the two guys were there at the hospital room with her, both glaring at each other. End SPOILER.

This is a good quick read though. I just hope Gladie doesn’t string the two guys along throughout the series like the Plum book.  I really hope she’s made her choice in which guy she likes more in the second book.  In my opinion, I think it’s Spencer.

Playing the Field (The Matchmaker Book 4) by Elise Sax 4★♥

Is this the end?!! I hope not. 🙂

I love Spencer and Gladie. And the other characters and all their drama cracks me up.

Playing the Field was pretty funny. And a little SPOILER is that I’m happy with Gladie’s choices.

3 thoughts on “The Matchmaker stories

  1. I am so happy to have read your post, it was such an amazing read, one which I enjoyed very much! I have had time to check out your blog and I have to say I loved it! So keep writing so I can keep looking forward to reading your work! (:


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