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Bummer Summer

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Bummer Summer by Ann M. Martin 4★

(The Short Synopsis: 12 year old Kammy has to find a way to accept a Stepmother and Step-sister and brother when her widowed father remarries. But family has trouble doing that, so Kammy goes to Summer Camp).

I grew up reading Ann’s Baby-Sitters Club books (mostly the 80s and early 90s stuff). I haven’t read any other books by Ann, so receiving this from Netgalley was a great gift. I am looking forward to reading more books. Like Rain Reign, A Corner of the Universe and A Dog’s Life are all on my TBR list.

Bummer Summer was good. It was realistic and had a lot of likable characters. Kammy had some pre-teen angst and didn’t like changes from her little bubble of a world. Kammy, her father and new family did change; a new Step-Mother (but not like the Evil ones in fairytales that she’s knows), a very young new little Step-Sister and a baby Step-Brother.

Kammy then goes on a trip to Summer Camp to escape from the drama at home (unpacking and so on). I have never been to a Summer Camp, so it was fun reading about all the adventures she had there. The description of the camp and there activities was great.

A fun and nostalgic reading.


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