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British Invasion


When I’m in the mood, I love some British Fiction and Music mix. I have a couple of favorites and I think the first British Fiction that I read was Bridget Jones’s Diary. And of course the first Brit Music was The Beatles with my parents singing to me Michelle.


I am currently reading Millie’s Fling by Jill Mansell. It’s going alright. I’ve read a couple of Jill’s books before so I am used to her humor.

I just couldn’t help make a little soundtrack playlist on my iTunes.

So here’s the Top Songs that I thought best fits this book…

Dance Me to the End of Love The Civil Wars. Not British, but this song is still perfect for any romance book.

Adele – Skyfall Can’t get any more Brit

Blur – My Terracotta Heart.

The Clash – London Calling.

Coldplay – Violet Hill.

Mumford & Sons – Believe. Great video of England night life.

Oasis – The Importance Of Being Idle.

Placebo – Running Up That Hill.

Radiohead – High and Dry.

The Smiths – How Soon Is Now?

Michael Andrews & Gary Jules – Mad World. Tears For Fears is the original for this song, but I still love how this was played. And the video is nice too.

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