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7 Affairs or Millie’s Fling

51Ny09bdsSLMillie’s Fling by Jill Mansell 4★

(The Short Synopsis: a single female Brit who reminded me of Bridget Jones. Millie has guy troubles. She then meets a famous romance author, Orla. Orla makes it her mission to find Millie’s true love. Of course chaos ensues).

This is definitely a British book. I like Jill Mansell. But she has numerous characters giving their points of view. Millie’s Fling had a lot of them. There’s of course Millie and her romance adventures. And then there’s Hester, her roommate. And Hester’s boyfriend, Nat. And bestselling romance author, Orla, whom made it her goal to get Millie hitched. And then there’s sweet, lovable Hugh. And then even Lucas gets some time to have us readers hear him out. Oh and even moments with Millie’s Mum, Adele. So let’s see… that’s 7 points of views. 7!

With all these character point of views jumping all over the place, I didn’t feel pulled to hearing each and every one of those characters. Sure some of them was necessary to the plot, but a lot didn’t feel like that. And sometimes even took me out of liking the story, let alone these characters. And sometimes even got me confused as to who’s point of view it was.

Oh and the 7 affairs bit… (small spoiler) It seemed like every character was having love affairs or cheating on their spouses. In some cases I couldn’t care less about them (Giles is the number one character I didn’t like or care for). In all they were ok. Just reminded me sometimes of a bad Woody Allen film. (end of small spoilers)

I was going to give this 3 stars. But the ending was good. And I loved Hugh. My third book I read by her. I like Take a Chance on Me the best so far.


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