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October Artists Spotlight

TCM (Turner Classic Movies network channel) has little monthly things going on. This month they’re calling October the “Schocktober”. They also have Monthly Salutes (David Niven for October) and Highlights (Martin Scorsese with the Highlights for October).

So I’ll be doing this from now on but at the start of the month.

Here is my October Monthly Artists…

The Books: Jane Austen.

78eeab631abb29376e971f74f062f9d0Austen was my first step towards reading Classic books on my own and enjoying them. She touched on a lot of social things at her time and they still somewhat connect with today. The heroine is strong and independent. And the heroes of the story are so great. Since I have read all of Austen’s works (including her unfinished stories), I have gone onto books that have been inspired by  or satires to Austen’s work. I have a huge collection of Austen inspired and satire books on my To-Be-Read list.

The Music: The Civil Wars.

The-Civil-Wars-the-civil-wars-32225261-815-542This month I have been listening to them a lot. Their music is hard to explain. They are singer/ songwriters. And being that they originated in Nashville at a music workshop for Country Music, IMO their music is barely Country (I’m not a big fan but there are a couple of them I like as long as they sound like this duo). But I think they are also a mix of Blues and Folk. Their songs are of heartbreaks, love and friendships. The way the sing together is great. Their EP album in released in 2009 and full album in 2011. In 2012 they went on a hiatus and have now currently declared it quits. I was disappointed but the music they made will last I think.

The Movie Makers: Daniel Radcliffe.

60341b7d1bac075ee0277df23522d51aIt’s October and I always watch a Harry Potter movie during this month. Daniel was 11 years old when he landed the role for Harry. When I watch the movie now, I just can’t believe how much all the actors have grown in the past 14 years. He has been in more films since and even doing a good job in showing that he’s more than just a kid wonder from Harry Potter. I’m looking forward to seeing him play as Igor in Victor Frankenstein on November 25th.

This is my mix for these artists… some favorites, some that I liked at the moment to fit the mood of this month, etc…. (read on for more)…

Books to read

Well, I’m currently reading Northanger Abbey by Val McDermid. And then it’s off to some more of the books of this satire series called The Austen Project.
Maybe Death Comes To Pemberley by P. D. James. I’ll probably watch the mini-show movie first.
And Longbourn by Jo Baker.

Music to listen to

Devil’s Backbone by The Civil Wars

And Movies to watch

Well Harry Potter series of course. And maybe Horns. A maybe because I do want to read the book, but then it is October and this looks like a good movie to watch for this month.

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