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A Silent Sunday Night for October 18th

Silent Sunday Nights


Turner Classics channel (TCM) has been doing a special Silent Sunday Nights or Lost & Found (all restored movies). They will be airing tonight with The Grim Game (1919), a murder mystery starring illusionist Harry Houdini. The second film is 1916 version of Sherlock Holmes starring William Gillette. And then two silents from 1920 starring Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle – the Western The Round-Up and the comedy short The Life of the Party. I watched the Houdini movie and thought it was good.

The plane stunt:

Still not sure if Houdini did all those stunts, especially the plane crash at the end.

And these old films being restored always has me thinking of some classic books. I could always find “special edition” print books at Barnes and Nobles. My first online book reading was with the Project Gutenberg site. And now Sam’s Club even sells some Canterbury Classic Books.

Canterbury Classics book: Classic Tales of Horror
Canterbury Classics book: Classic Tales of Horror

I purchased this book the other day. It has a huge selection of stories, authors ranging from H. P. Lovecraft, Edgar Ellen Poe and even Edith Wharton. A lot of short ones and some novels like The Turn of the Screw. I might read some of the shorter ones this month. And the cover looks spooky, perfect for a coffee table decoration.


One thought on “A Silent Sunday Night for October 18th

  1. Wow! I can tell that there is still a pretentious ass inside of me because when you mentioned the Fatty Arbuckle movie called The Round-Up I at first you were referring to Miklós Jancsó’s Hungarian film from 1966 called The Round-Up.

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