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Monday Mayhem of October 19th

Tori Amos always helps me out with the start of a new week.

The beginning of the week always looks busy and hectic for me.

Currently Reading
Northanger Abbey (The Austen Project: Book 2) by Val McDermid (a physical library book that I am enjoying so far.)
Emma: A Modern Retelling (The Austen Project: Book 3) by Alexander McCall Smith (a library book that was returned but I’m hoping will still stay on my kindle with some magic help from the kindle gods)
Macbeth by William Shakespeare (barely started, thought it would be a good book that I haven’t read of Shakespeare’s for October and Halloween – witches So far it’s alright.)
A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness (started and am liking so far)
Lords of Salem by Rob Zombie and B. K. Evenson (a physical library book. at chapter 2 and it’s a strange tale so far. as to be expected by Rob).

And then I have things to sort with my shelfari groups (Around the World November Challenge plans and Play Book Tag‘s Baseball Challenge and Monthly tags. I don’t know yet what books I’m reading for these).

And then I have to plan my workout schedule in between all the other schedules my family and I have planned for this week. Too much stuff. I so want to procrastinate.


One thought on “Monday Mayhem of October 19th

  1. Boy, if only I read, then I could chime in about these books. The only time I really have that I could do that would be audiobooks while I hike, which doesn’t happen often because of my health problems. I think the last book I read was a book on the backend of WordPress. And that was in July of 2014. But I do love Tori Amos! I guess I was a little obsessed with her during the 2000’s.

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