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Trailblazing Tuesday, October 20th


Tuesday has been a busy day for me. I love working with themes for posts as you all can no doubt notice. I would normally do Trivia Tuesdays, but I wasn’t feeling like that for this week. So I’ve been thinking of other themes. And Turner Classic channel has lots of themes to help me out. Lately they have been doing “Trailblazing Women for Tuesdays and Thursdays.”

Here is my Trailblazing Female Author for this Tuesday.


For this week, it’s an Irish author, Maeve Binchy.

Why her? Especially being that I’ve never read any of her works? Well I have seen two movies that were based off of her books. And I have a lot of Irish ancestor history. So Maeve’s Irish tales always sounds intriguing to me.

The movies I’ve seen:

Circle of Friends. That is one of my favorite movies. I became a fan of Minnie Driver. And it didn’t hurt that Chris O’Donnell was in this too. I am definitely interested in reading the book.

Tara Road, staring Andie MacDowell. This movie was good. It was a low budget nice film. As for the story-line, Maeve has me intrigued to read the book.

Both of these and other books by Maeve are on my To-Be-Read list. But the one I’m looking forward to reading first soon is Quentins (2002).

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