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I Did Not Savor the Moment

indexSavor the Moment (Bride Quartet, Book 3) by Nora Roberts 2★ read 2014

(The Short Synopsis: 4 business women running a wedding company. Laurel (h) is the pastry chef and Delaney (H) is a lawyer. Friends to lovers develops).

I thought I’d like this one. The build up for this book from the other two was pretty good. I even expected to like it as much as book 2. But no. And I don’t feel like reading more of the Bride Quartet now. So repetitive. I can’t even say that I like the characters now.

I did really like book 2 (Bed of Roses). It was the first book I read from the series, so I did have all the other books on high expectations. Book 1 was just ok. Book 3 was a let done.

The series just felt rushed to me I guess. Maybe I’ll wait a long while before reading book 4.


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