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Throwback Thursday, Oct 22nd

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Throwback Thursdays Reviews

indexTo the Moon and Back by Jill Mansell (kindle own) 4★ read 2014

(The Short Synopsis: a few character point of views. Ellie and Zach are the main characters. Ellie is widowed and tries to move on with her life).

Loved the ending! Even if it was predictable. Middle of the book was a bit slow, like a 3★ slow. But the ending was great so bumped up to 4★. Really loved Zack. Didn’t like the very long conversations Ellie had with her dead husband (imaginary conversations).

Jill Mansell is still a favorite author of mine. This is the third book I’ve read by her. They are a little formulaic, but this one I thought was a little different. Good different, as it didn’t stick to the mushy romance, which I still love, but it’s nice to have a plot too. There was a little predictable ending, but it was still nice. Jill also has other characters’ point of view. In To the Moon, there was just a small amount of characters added, and I thought it was a nice touch. Even though some of the characters I couldn’t relate to, their story was still nice.


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