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Another Library Trip


I have previously posted of the 21 library books that I have on loan.

Since that post, one of them had to be returned and then rechecked out, all because my libraries have a limit to the amount of times the books get renewed. I find it so much easier to deal with all that on because instead of renewing, I just return the ebook and then check it out for 3 weeks.

And so that was taken care of. So back to 21. And then one of my books had to be renewed – Emma by Alexander McCall Smith. I’m debating if I should request a hold or to just go and by the kindle book. Not sure yet. So now down to 20 books.

And today, I went to the physical local library for 3 more books. 2 that were on hold and 1 that I noticed on the “New Books” sections.

DSCN0272 DSCN0262

I’m all giddy and excited now. lol. I am looking forward to reading Debbie Macomber’s book. And no surprise that Hallmark has picked that up for their Christmas Movies (Count Down to Christmas 24/7 movies starts Nov 1st on Hallmark. Can’t wait).


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