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Monday Mayhem and Supergirl

Snoopy Monday Bleah

Monday. Another busy day and start of a week for me.

Today there are so many tv shows on that my Grandpa Ed and I have to switch our TV mode from cable to tv to watch all of them. We have two shows being recorded at the same time from 8pm to 11pm. So in order to watch 2 other shows (Crazy Ex Girlfriend and Jane the Virgin) we have to watch them live on tv mode.

And now another show for us on Monday. The much anticipated show (for my Grandpa and I at least), Supergirl. My Grandpa and I really liked the show. When the movie with Helen Slater came out in 1984, I thought at the time, finally a Kick-But Superpower Heroine. But then the movie turned out to be just ok. Not great, let alone the fabulous-ness I was hoping for.

And now almost 30 years later, they finally have it right with this Supergirl tv show. In my opinion (IMO) at least. And I am saving the dvr recording to show my 5 year old niece tomorrow. I’ll be fast forwarding some of the show, but she’ll get the idea of it and I have a feeling will like it as much as my Grandpa and I do.

One thing about the show that we noticed was that the S symbol is backwards from the family symbol. But then so is Superman’s S too. And nice touch having Helen Slater and Dean Cane acting as the adoptive parents.

And so naturally all these shows has kept me from reading tonight. I’m still reading a ton here. My reading list still looks like this…

Currently Reading
Northanger Abbey (The Austen Project: Book 2) by Val McDermid
Macbeth by William Shakespeare
A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness
Lords of Salem by Rob Zombie and B. K. Evenson
Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie

So I’ll have to get cracking on some of those tonight as I try to get my body to go to sleep (somewhat insomnia probably). Hopefully I can get one of the books done tonight.


4 thoughts on “Monday Mayhem and Supergirl

  1. Wait, so Dean Cain and Helen Slater were actually in there? I saw them in the credits, but must have missed them. They were probably at the beginning of the episode which I missed. I saw his name and thought they might have him reprise his role as Superman. Well, it was only a pilot episode. It looks good so far. I just would like it to have what Star Trek: Deep Space Nine had in the sense that we always felt there was a living universe beyond the edge of the sets. They can still make that happen.

    That little tiff they had over the name being Supergirl was a little ridiculous though. We all know the actual reason is it has a ring to it the same way Wonder Woman does. And, if they called her Superwoman it would send the message that this is just Superman, but as a genetic female rather than a distinct and separate, but related character.

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    1. Yup. They were. Helen had one line too. Something about knowing that she isn’t Kara’s mother and wanting to help her.

      That’s a good argument you had for the girl name. Tried explaining that to my mom, but she still thinks calling her a girl is anti-feminist.

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      1. Hope that doesn’t keep her from enjoying the series if it turns out to be done well. Could be worse. Could be 1974’s Superchick or 1985’s Cavegirl. Or that 70s movie called Policewomen which only featured a single policewoman in it.

        I think they are basically stuck with it. They really didn’t have the same option like with The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman.

        To be honest, the only issue I can legitimately bring up in her favor is that there is a character called Superboy that is a child version of Superman.

        I could go on, but I’m done. I had to run across and down a ridge in a thunderstorm today. So that’s enough for me.

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