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Sunday Times

This past weekend has been a relaxing one. A little too relaxing maybe because I’ve accidentally over slept a little today.


I was able to read a little of my books, but also procrastinated from that and read some of the LA Sunday’s Times. And now thanks to that, I’ve got another book on my To-Be-Read list. The article that I liked was called “Distinctly Spellbinding: The infamous Salem trials and modern witchcraft make for fascinating subjects by Elizabeth Hand. A book review for The Witches by Stacy Schiff and Witches of America by Alex Mar. It was a good review, but a little too long and too much in detail of the books. It felt like I read one of those Cliff-Notes books. Though, if I were to go ahead and read Schiff’s book, then some of the summary topic points will be better explained.

LA Times
LA Times

And ya, I still read the physical newspapers. 🙂

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