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Bet Me Crusie


Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie 4

(The short synopsis: heroine (h) gets dumped by a jerk. Jerk then tries to bets the hero (H) that H and h won’t have sex within a month. The h knows about the bet but dates H anyway. Chaos ensues with jerk trying to stop h/H and also chaos with a lot of family drama.)

A typical Crusie Chick Lit book. But in this case I did like the characters. The story line was ok. Bonnie and her fairy tale fantasies was great (other character’s fantasies were good too). The bet the “Cal” (did or did not) make with “Min” seemed like just an excuse the author used to keep the characters apart. Whenever Min wasn’t thinking of the bet, she and Cal were inseparable. And even had a touch of instant-love (seems like a norm for a Crusie book).

I liked all the characters, that’s why it’s a, 4 star. If I didn’t, then it would’ve been a 3 star due to the way the story felt rushed at times. The ending was really rushed, even too predictable. But like I said, I liked the characters. There was quite a few characters in this. And even a few couples hooking up or breaking up. But “Min” and “Cal” was still the big leading cast members of the ensemble. And so the last chapter, which was an epilogue even though it says it’s a chapter, gave closure to all these characters. I think Crusie finished it with that because she didn’t want to write more books on these characters, which was fine I thought.

Oh and there was even some bits where the characters talked and sang about Stephen Sondheim and his music (Sweeney Todd, Into the Woods, etc). And I had just recently seen Into the Woods movie too. Always good that the author sticks a little with today’s generations. The characters also liked the two Elvis’s (Costello and Presley). Oh and Min’s sister Diana has a thing for Julia Roberts movies. But I liked the Sondheim bits the most.

The boys sang this song at Emilio’s restaurant.

And a lot of Elvis Costello’s “She” was played.

And it was sweet that Cal sang Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love” to Min at Emilio’s restaraunt (everything seemed to happen at Emilio’s, the baseball field, or Min’s house).

And the shoes that Min wore was a nice touch too.

This is my 7th book I’ve read by Crusie and I am looking forward to reading others by her. Her humor is ok and romance is predictable. And in the end, they are all nice fluff books to read for something light or just a pick-me-up romance.


This quote from Into the Woods pretty much describes Cal at the beginning. In fact, he even says this quote at one point.


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