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Throwback Thursday Oct 29th

Michelle 1980s

An old photo of me from the 1990s because it’s Throwback Thursday. And here is an oldie… A book I read in 1993.

51j1t8vwduL._SX298_BO1,204,203,200_Tiger Eyes by Judy Blume 4โ˜… and a favorite. ๐Ÿ’•

(The Short Synopsis: A teen girl struggling through the aftermaths of her father’s death and moving to a new home. A good coming of age tale).

Lets see if I can remember from way back when I read this.

The book was my younger sister’s book. And I “borrowed” it without asking, as I always did at the time and she of course always would become very angry. I remember the cover looking something like this. I don’t think my sister has this book anymore, so I can’t check to be sure.

As for the story, I remember that I liked it. I think this was my first teen book that I read by Judy Blume. And I remember feeling really connected to the character’s teen angst. I think the character became involved with theย theater group at her school. I remember liking that because that’s just what I did.

But reading this book was over 20 years ago, so I know I’ve forgotten things of this book. I will be rereading this soon. Very soon, because I have just noticed recently that Netflix has the movie available for streaming. I’ve never seen the 2012 movie. So I will reread the book before watching the movie.



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