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November Preview

Snoopy November

It’s November already?! Good grief, where has the time gone?

Well then it’s time for me to get cracking on my reading. I had planned on reading 75 books for 2015 like I did last year. So far I have read 62 books this year, which means I have 13 more books to read to finish my goal.


It always helps with my reading motivation when I see that November 1st is National Book Lover’s Day.

What I hope for my reading goal in November is like all my monthly goal, to read 5 books. I do pretty good at sticking to reading about that many books. I also am hoping that I can read more than 5 this month. But as this is a big holiday month, I know that reading more won’t be likely.

I am not sure about what books to look forward to that are being released this month. I’ve got such a huge To-Be-Read pile that I’m not really focused on that.

As for movies… well I would like to treat myself to seeing a movie at the theaters. There’s a lot of movies coming out this month that I want to see. The new James Bond and Snoopy movies are on the top of that list.

6a00e5511e75a08833013489700c45970c-piBut most likely I’ll be sitting at home watching some Hallmark holiday movies. And some Turner Classic movies too.

I do like recommendations, so feel free to give me some.


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