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Happy Tuesday November 3rd

It’s Tuesday and time for me to play catch up. I wanted to post this last week, but I was busy. So here it is…

I have been going to the gym to help me lose weight (lost 2 pounds!).  My gym is next to an AMC Theater, so I see all the posters for the week and upcoming movies.

On Friday they had these 4 posters up that I’m very excited about seeing…

IMG_20151030_092023 IMG_20151030_092040

I’m VERY excited to see Mockingjay and the Peanut’s movie. IMDb has their trailers on these links. They both look really good. As for Mockingjay, there’s one part of the trailer that I just can’t watch because I know what happens from the book. The only SPOILER that I’ll give is that every time I read this book, I needed a box of tissues on stand by.

IMG_20151030_091955 IMG_20151030_092004

Daniel Craig as James Bond. He and Sean Connery are my favorites. I saw one Pierce Brosnan movies in theaters, The World Is Not Enough. I liked Pierce, but I was still not a Bond fan back in the 90s. The others I’ve seen on cable, and I think GoldenEye is my favorite. I’ve seen Golden a few times now, and that does not include the random times I’ve caught it at the middle or whatever scene on cable. Daniel Craig and Casino Royale made me a Bond fan. Now I’ve seen 2 Sean Connery movies (Dr. No and Gloldfinger), one with Roger Moore (A View to Kill and I didn’t like it), and David Nevin‘s comedy Casino Royale 1967 film (that movie was good and hilarious). I’ve also seen Dominic Cooper as Ian Fleming in the TV Mini-Series movie, Fleming. And of course, I’ve seen all 3 Daniel Craig‘s Bond movies and am looking forward to seeing Spectre.

And I will even be attempting to read Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale book this month I  think.

As for Victor Frankenstein, Danielle Radcliffe and James McAvoy are both actors that I really like (McAvoy the most). And I’ve read Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein twice and liked it. Both times I read it though was for school projects. But I still liked the book and have put it back on my To-Be-Read list for a good reread on my own.

So these are the things that will make me happy (besides having more reading time too).

What are you, my readers, looking forward to?


3 thoughts on “Happy Tuesday November 3rd

    1. Yes, it is good to hear about the positive reviews for Spectre.

      And I loved Judi Dench too. But I also like Ralph Fiennes. I’m still getting over him being the bad guy Voldermort, so trusting him as M is a little hard for me.

      I have seen him in a bunch of other genre movies too – romance (The English Patient) to drama (Schindler’s List) to action (In Burges) mostly. He’s in such a lot of movies

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