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Monday Mayhem November 2nd

Another Manic Monday indeed.

It’s been a busy Monday for me as always. More so thanks to Daylight Savings Time. It’s an American thing where we’ve decided to mess with our daily time schedule. We brought our clocks back an hour, so we’ve gained an hour. An hour that has messed up my insomnia sleep.  I still am trying to get used to the time change and it was just an hour adjustment. I really feel for my youngest sister now. She lives in the United Emirates, a good 11 hour time difference. It takes her and her family a good two weeks to adjust to the time.

My schedule for the week:

I’m hoping it won’t be too complex because I want to catch up on my reading.

My reading:

I’m currently still reading these books from last week because it’s been a busy weekend.
Northanger Abbey (The Austen Project: Book 2) by Val McDermid
Macbeth by William Shakespeare

Perfect Proposal by Katie Fforde
A couple days ago I agreed to read Katie Fforde’s book for a group challenge. I have to get moving on reading this. I’ve got 5 days to finish that book and I’m at 12%. I can finish it I think, if I can find the time.

Movies and TV:

I watched 3 shows again tonight. Supergirl being one of them. The second episode was good. Might have some more scarier scenes in this episode than the pilot’s. It looks like I’ll fast-forward a lot of the show for my 5 year old niece tomorrow. And I’ve also been watching and recording some Hallmark Christmas movies. But I need to start watching all the other stuff on our dvr. We have 2% available on our Direct tv list recorded.

And then my mom just had to point out that Turner Classic was show The Great Dictator, a 1940 film starring Charlie Chaplin. He got a lot of heat for this film because he was making a statement that was ahead of his time. I think it’s a great film.

So many things to read and watch and not enough time. If there was a Magic Geni, I would wish for more time to do the these things.

(And I know this is a late post. But I did post this after midnight before going to sleep, so it’s still Monday for me.)


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