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Mirror Mirror

Mirror-Mirror-mirror-mirror-the-untold-adventures-of-snow-white-28968040-1050-1500Mirror Mirror

A 2012 film Directed by Tarsem Singh.
Staring: Julia Roberts, Lilly Collins, Armie Hammer, Nathan Lane, Martin Klebba, and Danny Woodburn.

A 7/10 rating for me. My 5 year old niece really likes it. Says it’s up at the top of her favorites. Like a “Frozen” Favorite.

(The Short Short Synopsis: a Snow White fairytale retelling. An evil Queen rules over a kingdom after the king disappears. With the help of 7 dwarves, a prince, and others, Princess Snow White takes back her birthright.)

My thoughts

I have lost count on how many times I’ve seen this movie. I rented the movie when it first came out. I liked it and even watched it again. Then I returned it and hardly ever saw that movie.

When my niece was 4, princesses and fairytales was a big thing and still is. Frozen and Brave was a huge hit with her (I liked Brave more). All these new and old princess movies had my niece curious about the Snow White movie. My sisters and I have seen it, but Disney has taken a lot of their movies off the shelf for re-marketing. So if I want my nieces and nephew to see the movies, then I just hope it’ll be aired on tv so I can record it.

And then last year ABC Family channel aired Mirror Mirror a few times. It’s not the same as Disney’s Snow White, but I recorded it thinking my niece would like it. She loved it! Was even cheering along and telling Snow not to eat the apple. That recording stayed on our dvr for a month, and was constantly played. So I had finally given in and bought the dvd. I needed the space on the dvr after all.

That was all about a year ago. The dvd has been played a few times since but recently not a lot. My niece even forgot a little about the movie. And I think that’s why she picked it out Tuesday night during that rain and thunder. It turned out to be perfect for snuggle up and watch a movie time.

I am a fan of fairytales that are retold. Especially when it shows that the princess is not helpless. Mirror Mirror changes a lot of the Snow White story. Like the 7 dwarves actually have names. Well, most of them did. People did call the princess Snow White, but a lot of the times she was just Snow. My niece got confused with that because she said her name is Snow White. Not Snow.

What I like about this movie, and has me willing to watching it again with my niece, is the comedy. There is a some adult humor in this, and a lot that humor my niece doesn’t understand. My niece thinks the movie is funny sometimes too. And we both enjoy the entire movie. Well, that is, my niece is at that age where she doesn’t like bad guys and villains so much. She wouldn’t even rewatch the Cinderella movie with me because she says the Step-Mother is too scary. And she saw that in the theaters, so she knows what happens. So as for the Queen in Mirror Mirror, Julia Roberts played it just right. She was a villain but not a scary one.

For those that aren’t fans of songs within the movies (i.e. Disney stuff), there is but one song in this movie, and it’s at the very end of the movie with the credits. My niece and I like it. If you watch the video, beware that there’s SPOILERS. Unless you already know Snow White story, then this,won’t spoil the movie for you.

I Believe by Lily Collins.

And for those that wonder how Julia Roberts still looks so young: The Queen’s Treatment.

btw, I have seen Snow White and the Hunstman (5 out of 10 rating). I only watched that movie (and finished it too) because I like Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron. My niece doesn’t even know that it exists thank goodness.


9 thoughts on “Mirror Mirror

  1. I only recently watched the movie, but Im in love with it ^_^ it had such a shocking twist to the original story, some would not have liked the deviation, but I absolutely was surprised by the movie story line!! Also Lilly Collins?? Need I ask more 🙂 Your review is great! and I love the videos! damn so thats how the Queeen looks sooo good! XD

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