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A Perfect Proposal

51cz8oRYF1L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_A Perfect Proposal by Katie Fforde 4 ★♥

My Synopsis:

Sophie is a young 20-something British single woman. She lives with her family, who treats her like a doormat. But then she gets the opportunity to take care of her Great Uncle Eric, where she just happens to find some papers that might make Sophie and all her relatives some major money (drilling shares). She needs to go to New York for a possible Nanny job and to track down her “antique relative”.

The job doesn’t happen, but she gets to spend a week in New York with her best friend and act like Carrie Bradshaw. Her first night out is at a museum her friend works at, where she just happens to to rescue a rich, high society old woman, Matilda. And she just happens to meet Matilda’s grandson, Luke, a sought after rich bachelor. She spends Thanksgiving with Matilda’s family and even posses as a fake fiance for Luke for one day. It’s a Cinderella story in the making (Luke even brings back Sophie’s high-heal shoes that she abandons, twice). And she’s spoiled by them with clothes and a jewelry.

But alas, Sophie can only stay in New York for a week. She then goes back home, to her family that treats her like a doormat. And she spends a dull Christmas working and giving out gifts to family and friends. I don’t remember her receiving any gifts too. Matilda does want Sophie to look for a house in England, even though she doesn’t remember any of the names of the house, family, location in Cornwall, etc. And it just so happens that Sophie’s “antique relatives.” Luke comes to help, and just happens to have his wallet and phone stolen. And so the Cinderella roles are reversed. Sort of. She does buy him sneaker shoes and some hand-me-down clothes. And there is a good happily ever after ending.

My Thoughts:

This was sweet romance book. I loved Sophie and Luke. I thought it was cute the way Sophie used movies she’s watched and compared it with her life. Mostly the Carrie Bradshaw, Holly Golightly and Mystic Pizza references.

The ending was a little slow in coming. But when it did, I really liked it. Took them long enough to come to their senses. Good grief.

And this reminded me a little of the movie, Letters to Juliet (2010 film stars: Amanda Seyfried, Gael García Bernal, and Vanessa Redgrave). But in this case, the book’s heroine is English and the hero is a rich and posh New York lawyer. If you liked that movie, then you might like this I think.


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