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Countdown to Christmas – Nov 6

48Countdown to Christmas

The Christmas Countdown Clock shows that there is 48 days left. That means 7 weeks from now, making that 6 more Fridays ( Christmas is on a Friday).

I will only be posting these countdown posts on Fridays. I will probably have some Christmas related movies and books reviewed during the weeks too. But as it’s November, I promise to not go crazy. Our house is decorated for Thanksgiving Holiday right now after all.

And so here is my first countdown day and summary.



I have a ton of Christmas themed kindle books to pick from. And a few books on my physical bookshelf. But these books I just recently purchased (2) and checked from my Library (Debbie’s book). They are A Christmas Story by Jean Shepherd, Christmas Keepsake (2 Christmas series books, Shoes and Blessings) by Donna VanLiere, and Dashing Through the Snow by Debbie Macomber. All 3 of these books have movies for them too. So I look forward to reading the books, and then watching the movies (mostly re-watching).

(Fun Fact:)

Jean Shepherd wrote some short stories, and then he wrote the screenplay for A Christmas Story. And then after that, he wrote the book.

Jean Shepherd reads his short stories.


Hallmark channels have already started showing some Christmas movies. I’ve reviewed one so far, and am working on another.

ABC Family has just posted their 25 Days to Christmas movie schedule for December. Some good stuff on there I’m looking forward to watching.

As for movies in theaters, well if it isn’t Spectra, Mockingjay and the Peanuts movies, then I’ll more than likely wait until I can rent the movies. Love the Coopers looks like it could be a good rental movie so far.

And as always, there’s some of my favorites to re-watch (A Christmas Story, Elf, Polar Express, White Christmas, The Shop Around the Corner, and so on.)

Weight Lose

So 6 weeks to go until Christmas. I have a goal to lose 10 pounds by then, hopefully more. I’m hoping for a weight change in 2 weeks. I know that it’s always hard to lose weight with Holidays, but I’m optimistic.


I have just started with my Christmas Shopping. That’s always my favorite. I love shopping of course. And shopping for other people (especially my mom and sister) is always hard. But I get so excited when I think I’ve found the perfect gift for people.

My Mom has already been shopping for people last month. She says that she thinks she has all of my 5 year old niece’s gifts now. But I know that she’ll get more.

My other niece and nephew needs their gifts shipped before Thanksgiving in order to get it to them before Christmas (they live in the UAE, Abu Dhabi). We Skyped with them last night and asked what they wanted. My sister explained how they are trying to purge some of their toys before they move to back home to the States in the Summer. My 4 year old niece took that explanation and said “I want more toys, and more, and more, and more, and more.” Kids.

And that’s all for this week.

48 more days. Have you started your Christmas Shopping?


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