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Monday Mayhem of Nov 9

Another Monday Mayhem

(Audio of Coldplay’s new song)

Why are my Monday’s such a busy start of the week? I have so much things to do. A lot of books and movies I’ve finished needs to be reviewed (even old ones for Netgalley). I actually finish Shakespeare’s Macbeth (wanted to finish it before Halloween but nope). And yet I’ve got another book added to my TBR list for this week for a group challenge: The Lucky Dog Matchmaking Service by Beth Kendrick.

And then I’ve got to set time for working out at the gym.

And inbetween that, I’ve got to set time to watch some movies at the theater, like Spectre, Peanuts, and Suffragette.

Oh and I’ve got my niece spending the night this week, so I’ve got another day of babysitting her this week. At least will be able to take her to see Peanuts this week.

And if I had millions of fun money dollars to spare, I’d go to TCM’s Bonham Auction. A lot of the costumes and stuff are being sold for over 3 MILLION DOLLORS! Good grief. But alas, I don’t have that kind of money. It’s nice to dream though.


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