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A Whole New Dog

Before Pro-Grooming

A Whole New Dog

I mean, a whole new look, because Peanut is the same lovable dog, but just different.

After the Groomers

In my experience of having 5 dogs in my life, that after being bathed, dried, and brushed (or just the brushing), animals act frisky, happy, and like a young little pup that wants to play.

Anytime I groom or clean Peanut in anyway, she instantly wants to play with her toy (the only toy she has played with since a pup). After coming home from a Professional Groomer, she jumps out of the car and runs around the front yard.  Peanut is the only dog I’ve owned or been in charge of where they won’t run away. So we let her have her little dance around on grass out front.

Peanut is a poodle, which means that she’s a hypo-allergenic dog. Which just means that her hair grows long like human hair, and occasionally sheds too. They are also really smart dogs. The attitude just depends on how they were trained. My Aunt thinks Poodles are a One-Person kind of dog. But Peanut loves to share herself with anyone that will pet her. But she likes sleeping on my bed instead of my grandpa’s. He does tease and say that I stole her, but that’s because Peanut was supposed to be just his dog before we moved in with him. Now she’s our dog.

Back to how Peanut’s hair grows long…

So I usually take Peanut to a Pro to be groomed maybe 3 times a year for $55. I also have a small grooming kit to use whenever her hair grows too long. She’s real good at letting us groom her. Some dogs needs to be given a “chill-pill” to be groomed (our neighbor’s dog did).

I brought Peanut to the groomers yesterday. I weighed her in the morning, just before giving her to Julie (the groomer). She weighed 13.7 pounds.

And then about 7 hours later (Julie was busy that day), I weighed her again. She weighed 12.3 pounds after being groomed.

That means her hair alone must have weighed about 1.4 pounds! I wish I could loose that weight just by going to the Hair Salon. lol

And of course, Peanut was frisky and happy to be home. She even reminded me a bit of Björk’s song Pluto (the lyrics of wanting to start anew).

5 thoughts on “A Whole New Dog

  1. I have a little dog too named Mandy. According to a DNA test she’s part Toy Fox Terrier and another type that she doesn’t look like at all. I think they got the first part right. She’s also the first dog after five other dogs that we can let out front and she won’t run away. She just seems to have no interest in doing so. It’s amazing.

    As for the weight loss thing, I wish you lived close by so I could take you hiking.

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    1. The hiking sounds fun. I love the mountains. I love just walking too. I don’t have a driver’s license, and consider my feet as my transportation.

      The best part about dogs is just mentioning the word walk gets them all excited. We have to spell the word if we’re not ready to leave now. They motivate me too.

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