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Throwback Thursday Nov 12

Throwback Thursday

20+Times+US+Outline 20 Times a Lady by Karyn Bosnak  3★

Read and reviewed May 2012

I liked this book. I think it was a little long though, which is the reason I enjoyed the movie more. This book focuses on Delilah Darling’s 20 exes. Delilah hopes that one of these is her Mr. Right. Now I’d say good idea to hunt down SOME of her exes. But she tracks down ALL of them. After tacking down 6 exes I was bored with the idea because they were ALL losers.

Delilah was at times likeable. She was a bit humorous and quirky. But other times she comes off as pushy and annoying. I liked the Delilah movie character better.

At the very start of the book I already knew that Delilah would end up with Colin Barret. I really liked that guy. Colin was in no way like the hero in the movie, but I liked them both. There isn’t that much interaction between him and Delilah until the end. The movie did good in showing them interacting more.

Less on the whole exes bit. I could have done without knowing every detail about each relationship. Especially considering the guys weren’t likeable in any way. Forgetable even.

I do plan on reading this again. But thankfully I can skip past the parts I had a problem with. I suppose you do have to read that once in order to get a quick glance at what her exes were like. And that’s all they are – EXES.

The Movie

What's_Your_Number-_PosterWhat’s Your Number? A 2011 film staring Anna Faris and Chris Evans.

6 out of 10

It was better than the book because at least there was some humor thanks to Anna Farris. And they changed some stuff around and edited some of the ex-boyfriends out of the story.

And thankfully the predictable story was saved by Anna Farris humor, and Chris Evans’s good looks.

Just don’t bother with the extended edition. It ruined the movie.


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