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Countdown to Christmas Nov 13.

Countdown to Christmas

5 more Fridays until Christmas?!! (Christmas is on a Friday).
6 weeks until Christmas?!!
And the Christmas Clock Countdown is showing 41 1/2 days left!

OK. Obviously people know about this, because the local big shops are packed. And the malls around us our scary looking with traffic. Even on a weeday. At least it looks like the Mom-and-Pop stores in my town is getting a lot of customer traffic too. As for my Christmas shopping, it seems never-ending.

And I’ve still beentoo busy to do much reading, let alone not getting the chance to go to the theaters. We might go this weekend though to see Peanuts.


Friday the 13th

Oh and did I mention that today is Friday the 13th?!


It really feels like an unlucky Friday for me.

I’m staying over at my sister’s to babysit my niece. She’s been good for me so far. During the night, her sweet big dog, Dolly decided to wake me up. So I did not have a great night’s sleep.

Getting up and bringing my niece to school at time went pretty good. And having a morning by myself after that was nice.


And then I saw that one of my favorite shows started and is already on episode 4 next – The Librarians. A unlucky thing for me because now I have to find a way to watch the ones I missed. But luckily my bro-in-law recorded episode 3. Funny thing is is that The Librarians had to face off a shapeshifter that fed off of lies and chaos. And I’m watching the episode the day that has been a little unlucky.

And another unlucky thing is that I’ve been trying to use my sister’s iPod for this post, so I can upload pictures. So far it’s been a pain in the butt and has taken me all morning and afternoon now to finish this! Good grief!

Hopefully the rest of my day will be ok.



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