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A Bride For Christmas


A Bride For Christmas

1447648037224-3396459177 out of 10 rewatched

This Hallmark movie is more like A Runaway Bride For Christmas. I mean, look at that crazy smile Jessie is making. I could even see her upper gums. And this was taken just before she exited to a most convenient door by the Church’s Altar.

It was Mike’s fault though for proposing on a Jumbo-Tron in front of 50,000 basketball fans. Thus forcing her to say yes. I mean who does that?

But at least she’s going through some major guilt… Especially since she’s “broken not one, not two, but three… three engagements!”


Now that’s some really bad mascara that comes off from a few tears, or just some strange make-up-effects.

1447649524946-339645917And this certified bachelor, Aiden, who doesn’t want to get married will be perfect for Jessie.

And of course this guy makes a bet with his co-workers because they said he’s not marriage material, but the type a girl has fun with before finding “The One.”

And so he has 4 weeks to try to win Jessie’s heart and get her to marry him (Christmas being the deadline).

I found all this silly but cute. And then the movie was redeemed when it’s obvious that Aiden is a dog lover. And a bit of a tortured hero (parents divorced and as a boy, he had to give up the only dog he loved to the pound).


Now I’ve rewatched this a dozen of times now because this is not a new Hallmark movie. Actually it seems that you see one Hallmark movie, then you’ve seen them all. Like my 5 year old niece says, Hallmark movies always has a happy ending. And Bride For Christmas does.

And if you don’t want a Hallmark movie that went overkill with the Christmas theme, this one is a good one.


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