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Matchmaker Santa

It’s another Hallmark movie…

Matchmaker Santa

6.5 out of 10 Cheese Puffs images (1)

The Short Synopsis: A girl asks Santa for a lifelong wish – her true love. So Santa plays the matchmaker himself.

My Thoughts: A cute cheesy Christmas Hallmark movie.

A Dear Santa letter by this woman, Melanie (Lacey Chabert), when she was a young girl, asking for her Prince Charming and true love. Blah blah blah.

And now that she’s older… And is running her own baking shop… Santa has decided it’s time to make Melanie’s “Lifelong Christmas Wish” come true.


Melanie must decide between these two guys (no surprise which one Santa picked). Her boyfriend, Justin, the suit and tie business guy, whom she’s been dating a for a year. But he’s so busy that her friend confused him as a new boyfriend. But that’s ok because he’s decided to take her home to see his mom. But then he’s also planning to make it a business Christmas party.

And then there’s Dean, the one that isn’t obsessed with working. The one Melanie’s friend sees the most of because he’s always there for Melanie. Even to take her out to dinner while waiting

14478314937191829976198And George the Mechanic just happens to be John Ratzenberger, who was Cliff Clavin the Mailman in the 1990s tv show, Cheers. Now if he was my mechanic, I wouldn’t trust him. Especially when he tells them that he is going home to have some pot roast. It isn’t even dark yet apparently, therefore not quitting time.


And this is Peggy who just happens to be Florence Henderson, who was non other than Carol Brady from the Brady Bunch tv shows. She runs the Bed and Breakfast that Santa stays at.

With Cliff… I mean George, and Mrs. Brady… I mean Peggy, Santa will have help playing matchmaker to Melanie and Dean. They’re also the ones that saved this movie from being too corny and humorless.


And like I said… this is a typical Christmas Hallmark movie, with a lot of cheese. But I can’t help watching it.


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