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Throwback Thursday Nov 19

tbt throwback thursday cassette

I do like these Throwback Thursdays, because it gives me a chance to look at some of my old reviews. Or review a book that I should have reviewed ages ago. So catch up time…

Throwback Thursday

I read and reviewed this on August 17, 2012


Manhunting by Jennifer Crusie 4★♥

Jennifer Crusie books are a typical romance chick-lit. Manhunting was a textbook heroine meets hero and opposites attract. They are apples and oranges but great together. I did like this story line. The author just stretched it out too much, and even made some parts too ridiculous. So in all, I think this is just an ok read.

This book was a eBook library loan. I would maybe buy a used paperback version of this, but not the eBook price.

Heroine with ticking biological clock wants a rich hero that will let her keep working (she’s rich too). Kate Svenson’s character is sometimes annoying. At least she acknowledges these faults and tries to fix them.

The hero – Jake Templeton, is your typical care-free and anti-relationship kind of guy. I liked him as that character. The thing is that once he starts seeing Kate, he becomes a little possessive. I did not like that at all. The interactions between the two is cute and pleasant to read.

All in all this was a descent romance to read if you’re in-between better books.


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